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We pride ourselves on the products we advocate. Our consultants have expertise with the systems with we use, from implementation to support. 

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Smart hr

D-Bit payroll

The ACCSYS “ Peopleware” integrated range of software and hardware solutions include:​


HR Management


Access Control


Mobile Application

The Accsys Payroll system is a powerful, integrated program that automates complex, repetitive payroll tasks. Saving time, improving compliance and seamless integration with other business and HR functions. It can be locally stored on premise or on the Cloud.
As sole Namibia Distributor, Compass has close ties to the South African Head Office and regularly requests amendments/implementations for Namibian Legislative Compliance, Reporting, and Functionality.
Features of Accyss Payroll


  • One Database for Multiple Companies and Payrolls

  • Weekly, Monthly and Fortnightly Payroll

  • Effortless employee payslips and IRP5s

  • Payslips delivered by ESS, email or paper

  • Intuitive Leave Management

  • Extensive reporting functionality

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Simple Excel extract for adhoc reporting

  • Backed by expert advice on payroll best practice

  • Employee and 3rd party payment automation

  • Bank account and ID validation

  • Legislative and Financial:

         Complies with all statutory requirements
         Automatically calculates tax and statutory deductions
         Unlimited earnings, taxes, benefits, deductions, and nett pay information
         General Ledger journal export
         Loans, savings and garnishees

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