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Tax Calculation

Here you can calculate your tax based on your Year to Date (YTD) totals. 

This page does not save any information, so all your data is completely private. All calculations happen in your browser.

Follow the easy steps to see how your Tax is calculated and what is due.

This is especially useful to understand how the Accsys Peopleware payroll system calculates employee tax.

Calculation Date

The Calculation Date is the number of days since your Date of Employment.

Most companies work on the Numeric Month, which runs from March (1) to February (12). If you were employed mid-year, your numeric month would be calculated according to your date of employment, up to February, after which it will revert back to 1.

Example: If your Date of Employment is 1st July, then July's Numeric Month is (1) and February would be (8). March would then be (1) again.

Calculation Days count the exact amount of Days since the Date of Employment, and if your company uses this method, the Calculation Days will always be displayed. This works on an average of 30.42 Days (365 Days / 12 Months ≈ 30.42 Days/Month). 

Numeric Months are converted into Calculated Days for accuracy.

Example: If your Date of Employment is 22 July, and your Calculation Date is 31 July, then your Numeric Month is 1 - (22/30.42) = 0.28.

Please select a method:

Please select a calculation method.

Calculation Date:


Employee Income

Your Income includes all your Year to Date (YTD) Earnings. YTD values should always be reflected on your payslip. Fill in your YTD values:



* Except where Tax Directive specified

Incentive and Bonus

* Except Annual Bonus


Annual Bonus


Allowances allow your employer to withhold tax, based on deductions made from your Earnings. These allowances are taxed at special rates.

Housing Taxable


Car & Travel

Company Car

Interest Free Loans


Tax Allowable Deductions

The allowable deduction for tax purposes is N$ 40 000.00 per year. This must be calculated on a monthly basis. Every month the allowable deduction is N$ 3 333.33.


Retirement Annuity

Study Policies


Finally, your YTD Tax as reflected on your Payslip:


Tax Breakdown

Here is the breakdown for your Tax:



Tax Deductibles

Total Income

Average Monthly

Average Annual


Base Taxable Income:

Base Income + Bonus:

Your tax bracket is a base Tax of:

The Annual Bonus Tax is calculated:

 and 0% of the amount exceeding: 

 and 0% of the amount exceeding: 

X 0%

X 0%



 less Total Tax

Total for the Year:

Tax on Bonus:

Total Due for Annum:

YTD Tax Paid:

Total due for 0 Months:

Due Now:

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