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Payroll Systems

Our Payroll software is an integrated, cross platform, multi-company, multi-division setup combined in a single, secure database.


Localise all employee information with a modular-based software that is tailored to your specific needs. All earnings and deductions, employee reminders and self-service, payslip messages, hourly calculations, and leave are included in all calculations.

With a powerful reporting function, and with customisable tables, you can extract PAYE and ITAS reports in accordance with Namibian legislation, as well as internal reports for any management or strategising needs. 

The system can be integrated with any accounting system and all Namibian banks to expedite payroll processes for the financial team.

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Payroll Systems
HR Management

HR Management


An EMS sustains competitive advantage through the effective management of valuable human capital.

Today’s EMS solutions are comprehensive, rich in functionality and directed at supporting and informing important management decisions.

An EMS quantifies your people resources in terms of knowledge and skills, helping better manage and extract maximum value and return for your most important asset – your staff.

Key personnel retention and corporate productivity are some of the important drivers of an EMS value contribution.

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Time and Attendance​
Offering an impressive selection of technological options to suit your specific business requirements, our Time and Attendance solutions provide managers with efficient, effective and reliable methods for staff management.
With easy, visual shift setup, biometric access hardware, real-time reporting and customisable time calculations, staff attendance management is simpler, more accurate, and quicker than ever before.
With the Mobile App, employees who work off-premises, travel, or migrate, can still log their time in accordance with company standards.
Access Control Solutions​
Using the most advanced access control and biometric devices, customised to customer needs, our products track employee movements, control access, provide safety and security across the workplace with accurate and customised 2D floorplans of the company premises. 
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Time & Attendance
Access Control


All Employee Management System (EMS) Software Solutions offered by Compass are of South African origin, which gives Compass the benefit of having regular contact with the developers, programmers and technical team. Training takes place regularly & support is immediately on hand. Marketing and CRM assistance is also provided with all companies making regular visits to Namibia.


Compass represents:


ACCSYS Peopleware: A member of the Transactional Capital group of companies with more than a quarter of a century of experience with people management software.


SmartHR: A best practice EMS solution provider, committed to people management specialization. Distributed throughout Africa, Australia and Central Asia, with offices in South Africa, Australia and the UK.


D-Bit Systems: An independent South African company, setting the standard in payroll, billing and fixed assets system development since 1987.

Affiliated Companies
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